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Cafetram, cafe Saigon

CAFETRAM looks more like your fine-dining venue more than a cafe. It has subdued pin-light ambience, classic soft jazz vocals in the backdrop, entrance slate blocks over koi pond and mural-sized paintings on the walls. Because the owner is an accomplished film maker and an audiofile, the concept leans of a film studio complete with vacuum tube amplifiers and vintage movie cameras on display. Perfect place for a date, to do some online activity, hang-out with friends or simply enjoy a good cuppa coffee.


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koi pond, driftwood furniture window table audiofile sound component, wall mural brick wall, coffee bar window view - house next door upper level dining



Comments and Ratings:

Tuyen NguyenTuyen Nguyen star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Jan 24, 2015) To me, Cafetram is a good choice for those who want a private place to work, to think and to read. But I see others also come here to have breakfast, lunch or to meet their friends 'coz this coffee shop is really a nice place with good food and drinks, nice view, soft music and friendly staff.

Gigit SulitGigit Sulit star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Dec 11, 2014) Cafetram was a pleasant surprise. It's one of the more stylized cafes that is now defining the cafe landscape of Saigon - a koi pond, avand garde layout for a brick wall, pin lighting, soft jazz vocals in the background, old-Saigon feel, vintage movie production display, etc. Of course there is great coffee and good eats. If not for smoking inside the air-conditioned section, I would give it 5-stars.

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