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Motel Mekong

Motel Mekong, Ha Tien, Vietnam
$4 dorm beds
4th fl veranda
panoramic view


Motel Mekong offers budget accommodation with dorm beds and private rooms on the riverfront of Giang Thanh River. Dorm beds are sturdy wooden beds (not bunk beds) with a firm mattress. Private rooms have aircon options. The 4th floor opens up to an alfresco veranda with a panoramic view of the scenic Giang Thanh River.

Location: 56 Dong Ho Street, Ha Tien, Vietnam
GPS coordinate: 10°22'55.1"N 104°29'24.9"E
Tel: (+84.77)3952963 | hp: (+84.982952963) | (+84.944760792)
Member Since: Apr 28, 2015


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