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Surigao City has always been relegated as a mining town and serves only as a gateway to the surfing grounds of Siargao, or a transit point to the rest of Mindanao. It has been dismissed as, "there's nothing there". The truth of the matter is, Surigao City, given all its islands and natural wonders can rival the top tourist destinations of the country. With a little scratching on the surface, the traveler can discover the many beaches surrounding its numerous islands - from the smooth bowling ball-sized stones of Pebble Beach to the fine white sands of Sagisi Beach and everything in between. A spelunker can explore the caves of Buenavista and Silop...just to name a few. The massive coral reefs of nearly all the islands is a snorkeling paradise and haven to scuba divers. Surigao City has unique offerings too - the floating village of Day-asan, the deadly whirlpool of Bitaugan and the coutry's longest wooden footbridge at 472 meters in Cantiasay.

Fruits and vegetables are shipped from other places, so relative to Davao prices, expect to pay a little more. Additionally, lodging in the entire Caraga region (to which Surigao City is a part of), is priced higher than the national average.

Seafood is where Surigao City whips a mileage. As a coastal city, fish is always fresh in the public market. They pride themselves eating fish that never went through ice. Their Kinilaw (cubed raw fish marinated in vinegar and spices) is probably one of the best in the country - every self-respecting Surigaonon prides himself/herself for his/her style of Kinilaw. It's nearly impossible to come across bad Kinilaw in Surigao City.

As of this writing (Aug 2013), Surigao City has a pro-active and accommodating tourism office. The officers and staff are efficient and will go the distance to assist the traveler. They have first hand knowledge and experience in all of the city's tourism offerings. Don't hesitate to visit their office in Luneta Park.

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