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Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew people
Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew
(Mar 23, 2015) Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew transformed Singapore, then suffering from social unrest, housing crisis, decaying infrastructure and sluggish economy into a modern city-state ranking 3rd in global GDP next only to Qatar and Luxemburg. Singapore's public housing is now home to 90% of Singaporeans with its model being emulated by several countries. With his passing, I take a look at the life of this incredible man....more »»

Life Hacking in Singapore traveling
Life Hacking in Singapore
(Mar 22, 2015) With very little money left from the 6 months of backpacking Southeast Asia, I found myself in the most expensive country in the region where I will be spending the next 30 days. If I had to use my cash for all the things I need, I'd go in the red in a few day's time. I had to think like a human Swiss Army knife, putting out all life skills in my arsenal, mustering all the sinew needed to survive on my wits, my abilities and instinct...more »»

Exploring More of Singapore traveling
Exploring More of Singapore
(Feb 21 - Mar 22, 2015) Singapore has so much to offer to the passing traveler. With its efficient and comfortable transport system, getting around is a breeze - Universal Studios, Sentosa, Arab Street with its Middle Eastern cultural offering, Little India, Chinatown, the Stadium, Bugis area, Orchard Street, etc. Indeed, there is no bad seat in Singapore. Every direction you take brings you to an unexpected and surprising place...more »»

Power Yoga Class at Yoga Inc., Singapore yoga
Power Yoga Class at Yoga Inc., Singapore
(Mar 21, 2015) I had a chance to conduct a yoga class in Singapore. The yoga studio owner said, 'At this point you already know they like it hard even for our regular class. So if we have to call your class POWER YOGA, you have to kill them. The expectation is high'. That statement changed everything. How do I come up with a sequence that won't alienate the beginnners, but make it worthwhile to the hardcore? Since I do all the asanas myself while I cue them, I have to make sure too I have to survive the sequence....more »»

Touring Marina Bay Sands traveling
Touring Marina Bay Sands
(Mar 17, 2015) Marina Bay Sands isn't just a hotel, even though it's the 2nd most expensive building constructed at US$5.5B. Marina Bay Sands has become the identifying landmark for Singapore in the same way the Eiffel Tower is for Paris and the Petronas Twin Towers is for Kuala Lumpur. Touring the hotel and its surrounding area is almost like a walk on the city's citadel...more »»

The Singapore Magic traveling
The Singapore Magic
(Mar 16, 2015) Singapore has accomplished so much in so little time. From decaying infrastructure, social unrest, housing crisis and sluggish economy after the war, it now ranks #3 in global GDP/capita next only to Qatar and Luxemburg. We're only talking 60 years. America took 200 years. Europe took a millenium. What's the magic?...more »»

Singapore Yoga at Yoga Inc. yoga
Singapore Yoga at Yoga Inc.
(Mar 8, 2015) After 6 months of traveling Southeast Asia, I finally found a yoga oasis in Singapore I could call home. With my almost daily practice, I feel my fitness and strength coming back. At Yoga Inc., the teachers are competent, the facilities are first rate and the teaching styles are refreshingly different from the ones I've become used to....more »»

Singapore on a Shoe String traveling
Singapore on a Shoe String
(Feb 20, 2015) Having explored Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia on my way south, the only country remaining is Singapore - reputed to be the most expensive city in Southeast Asia and the 4th in the world (Forbes). Backpacker forums summarize Singapore this way: Don't even think about it! This sent chills up my spine, specially with my dwindling cash with nothing on the horizon. I had to think many times. Do I cave in and go back to Thailand for $1 meals and $5 dorm beds? I had to remind myself that the worst thing that can happen in life is to be haunted by the specter of "should have done it" and "what if". With extreme trepidation, I braced myself for whatever happens to me in Singapore...more »»

Things to do in Singapore verbatim
Things to do in Singapore
(Oct 20, 2013) a flirty conversation about things to do in Singapore....more »»

Singapore Girl sliceoflife
Singapore Girl
(July 21, 2013) a casual chat in Facebook took on a surprise turn when one party mistook the 'lady' as herself....more »»

Lee Kuan Yew and Ferdinand Marcos Fabulous People
Lee Kuan Yew and Ferdinand Marcos
(Jan 26, 2003) two strong men of Asia on different became a celebrated international statesman and revered father of a nation that ranks #3 in global GDP...the other plundered his country causing 80% of the population to live below the poverty line...more »»