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This "Submit" page is for real estate listings only. If you wish to submit a business establishment listing for the city directory, kindly click this link.

There are many real estate websites out there. Why should I post my property here?

Coconut Insider can dramatically speed-up the selling time of your property. This is achieved in the following ways:

How important is search engine optimization?

According to Google, 82% of web traffic comes from search engines. It means if your site is not search engine optimized, for every $18 you earn on the web, you're actually losing $82 in potential revenue.

Do you guarantee a #1 spot in Google for my webpage?

No. And nobody can make that guarantee, no matter what they claim. However, the SEO employed on this site has been proven effective and successful.

Do you guarantee the truthfulness and accuracy of the information posted on this site?

No. Property listing information is submitted by the seller and posted "as is". It's in your best interest to verify the accuracy of the information. Best to keep this in mind: Buyer Beware.

How do I know the website is really search-engine optimized?

This is something you can ascertain for yourself. Take the keyword phrase "house and lot for sale, valencia, negros oriental" and search for it in Google. As of Jan 29, 2011, the site has #3 and #4 ranking out of 14,200 serach results. Click here to take you to that Google page.

What's your rate for posting a real estate property?

Email Pricing is performance-based and vary accordingly. The quotation given to you will be valid for a week.

What steps do I take to advertise here?

Go to the relevant property type you're selling. If you're selling a house and lot, go to any property listing on house and lot. Note the information posted and email those information as it pertains to your property, including pictures, sketch plans, etc. Among the information being:

Please ensure you send ALL information in one email. Once received, you will be emailed the banking details for your payment. Once the bank confirms receipt of payment, your property page goes live within a week.

What's your email address?


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