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*** This page is only for BANNER ADVERTISING. If you want to submit a property listing, Go here to submit a real estate property listing.

FAQ / Submission of Listing

I'm not web savvy. What is a banner?

Look at the right section of this page and you'll see the Buglas Bamboo advertisement. That's the banner. If you have a website for your products or company, that banner can be linked to your website. If you don't have a website and would like to have a mini webpage for your company within this website, the rate is the same for a property submission. Follow this link: Submit a Listing.

There are many real estate websites out there. Why should I advertise my company here?

This website is unique in the following ways. If you advertise here, here's your competitive edge:

How do I know the website is really search-engine optimized? You could be just saying that.

This is something you can ascertain for yourself. Take the keyword phrase "raw land, valencia, dumaguete, negros oriental" and search for it in Google. As of Oct 22, 2010, the site has #1 ranking out of 11,500 serach results. Click here to take you to that Google page.

How come you don't have a domain name like

Good point. Since my target audience are search-engine users, I don't rely on 'casual walk-ins'. The more important thing is to have every listing search-engine optimized to rank high on Google's results page using the property's keywords. However, at some point, depending how search engine robots implement their constantly-changing algorithm, I may provide a unique domain name.

What's your advertising rate?
FYI, other real estate sites charge this much for a banner ad.

How big can my banner be?

The width can be up to 140 pixels. The length depends on the material worked on, but will not be higher than 150 pixels. If you want a higher banner, the rate is P5/pixel in excess of 150 pixels.

Ok, I'm sold. How do I advertise here?
  1. point me to the website where I can lift materials to create the banner. If you don't have a website, email me your corporate logo, tagline, and other essential blurb, and I'll take care of the rest. Once the banner is finished, it will be posted on a test page for you to see and verify.
  2. deposit payment to my bank. I will provide you banking details
  3. once the bank confirms receipt of payment, your banner goes live
How do I pay you?

Email me at: with all the materials I need, and I'll give you the banking details.

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