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Enopi Math English

Only One in the World that Provides both Basic and Critical Thinking Math

Enopi Math English, Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, Philippines
Head Teacher:Sasa Dc Lim
Location:2/f Robinsons Place, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines 6200
Posted:July 14, 2011


Enopi is based on a principle where students learn at their own pace. When the teacher understands the learning needs of the student, the teachings are most effective. Enopi allows each child to have a customized starting point depending on ability, regardless of age or school grade. Enopi empowers kids to gain confidence and develop an interest in learning.

  • free diagnostic testing
  • 5:1 student-teacher ratio - teacher can focus more and observe a student's learning difficulties
  • individualized program
  • develops critical and analytical thinking ability
  • progressive small-steps to learning
  • teaching tools consist of colorful worksheets, workbooks, audio CDs, color blocks, wooden shapes and more
Enopi Math is a balanced program that effectively cultivates students' basic computational, logical, and analytical thinking skills through challenging word problems, spatial reasoning puzzles, and other critical thinking activities.

Enopi English enhances a student's language and literacy skills through listening, speaking, reading (comprehension), and writing (composition) exercises.

Robinson Place Facilities

  • right in the hub of Dumaguete
  • ample parking space
  • safe and secure environment

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school frontage within Robinsons Place dedicated teaching time classroom dynamics in session
cubbie holes mini library listening station school modules

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Parent/Student Comments:

Shaun Kho
(E.nopi Del Monte Center, Philippines) Philippines
Enopi has helped Shaun grasp his Math lessons in school faster. It also taught him not to be afraid of Math problems and through the years Math has become one of his favorite subjects. As a person, it has taught him discipline and increased his confidence in dealing with everyday problems that involves Math. It has also helped his mind to become more analytical. He always looks forward to attending Enopi lessons as he considers this as fun time!

Seow Hee Yoong (parent)
(Kota Kemuning Center, Malaysia) Malaysia
My twin daughters joined E.nopi Math programme by December 2007 and I am surprised at the things they learnt in E.nopi. Now they are able to solve Math calculation without using their fingers. Each time I saw them using mental calculation when they are coping with mathematical calculations.

My twin daughters have improved a lot since they joined E.nopi Math programme a year ago. Now they are able to do the Basic Thinking Math without using fingers and their speed are faster too. E.nopi Math programme emphasize a lot on the understanding of the concepts and application. If the child able to understand the concepts, it makes their learning more fun and would helps in boost up their interests to Mathematics.

My children love to do the Critical Thinking Math as this has improved their problem solving skills and also their ability to solve problems regarding the patterns & sequences. I am glad that I found the E.nopi Math programme which has help to increase the self-confidence and self-discipline in my children.

(EnopiUS, Fontana) USA
My only son, Adam, was doing okay with all other subjects except Social Studies. After about 3 weeks with EnopiUSA, he got an A-. It was pure magic because it came up from an F. Thank you, EnopiUSA. You guys are awesome. I will encourage every parent to pay a visit to meet the EnopiUSA crew. You will see the difference.