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Dumaguetes quality cakes and pastries since 1977
Location:Robinsons Mall, Dumaguete, Negros Oriental
Posted:Feb 28, 2011

Bo's Coffee....distinctively bold. Now in Dumaguete, spend a leisurely afternoon brew at the Robinsons Mall alfresco area and watch people pass they watch you sip your java. Meet at Bo's Coffee and while the time away with a few laughs, fun vibe, as you linger with roasted full-flavour coffee that has come to be synonymous with Bo's Coffee.

  • just-roasted coffee
  • coffee beans coming mostly from the highlands of the Cordillera and Bukidnon
  • free wifi
  • air-conditioned and alfresco area
  • ample parking space at Robinsons Mall
  • cheerful and friendly staff

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a usual afternoon scene at Bo's Coffee, Dumaguete Bo's Coffee is a popular gathering place for friends to spend an afternoon coffee and while the time away Bo's Coffee denizen Oreo Cheesecake...pairs well with Fudge Brownie Mocha Froccino Fudge Brownie Mocha Froccino...a popular bestseller
Bo's Coffee is not just coffee always a cheerful smile behind the counter a behind-the-scene look at Bo's Coffee Shop just roasted coffee only at Bo's Coffee Shop

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Bo's Coffee Dumaguete

Reader Comments:

Patrick Congjuico star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Mar 5, 2010) Best coffee I've ever tasted!!

Karen Guevarra star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Mar 1, 2010) Great coffee shop!

Nika TecsonNika Tecson star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Feb 15, 2011) Coffee shops are my thing. Whenever I'm out in town, there is not a single occasion I remember where I have not chugged down some brew. I won't consider myself a connoisseur of good coffee. But I can tell you something when you walk into Bo's Coffeeshop, you'll know you're in for something pretty good.