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Jienos Garden Beach Resort

swimming pool, beach cottages, karaoke, jet ski, hotel accommodation, restaurant, wifi

Jienos Garden Beach Resort
Location:Purok 5, Tunga, Pantukan, Compostela Valley
GPS Waypoint:N 07 16.0935 E125 89.2664
Member Since: Oct 4, 2013

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Jienos Garden Beach Resort is a newly opened themed beach resort featuring its Godzilla-sized Lolong Super Slide. The resort is ideal for family outings, barkada happenings, romantic getaway or just a fun time on the beach. The resort offers hotel rooms, beach cottages, karaoke singing, a restaurant and even a mini convrnience store. Jienos Garden Beach Resort is also popular as a wedding venue, business conventions, team building or event venue.
  • open 24/7
  • free wifi at the resto/bar
  • beach cottages
  • swimming pool
  • monster-size water slide
  • hotel rooms
  • dormitory lodging
  • function hall
  • jetski
  • boat rides


  • Entrance Fees
    • Php 20/pax, resort entrance
    • Php 60/pax, pool entrance
  • Beach Cottages
    • Php 30O, Dwarf Shedk, 5 pax, pool side
    • Php 500-600, Native Type, 15 pax
    • Php 1500, Native Type,20-25 pax with unlimited videoke
    • Php 1000, Concrete Type, 25-30 pax, Php 1500 with videoke
    • Php 50O, Kubo Type, 10 pax
  • Rooms
    • Php 250O, Hotel, good for 2, up to 4 pax, free entrance, pool and breakfast for 2
    • Php 150O, Inn, aircon, overnight
    • Php 50O, Inn, aircon, short time (3 hours)
    • Php 100O, Inn, non aircon, overnight
    • Php 300, Inn, non aircon, short time (3 hours)
    • Php 2200, Dorm Type, good for 10 pax, free entrance
  • Corkage
    • Php 50, lechon
    • Php 20/case, softdrinks

Crocodile Super Slide

150 Pax Wedding Package: Php 40,000

  • Inclusions:
    • 3 main Course
    • unlimited rice
    • one round softdrinks
    • dessert
  • Whole Entourage
    • bridal gown w/ complete accesories
    • groom tuxedo and pants
  • Includes Gowns for:
    • maid if honor
    • 4 bridesmaids
    • 4 flower girls w/ decorated baskets
    • little bride
  • Includes Barongs for:
    • bestman
    • 4 groom's men
    • 3 bearers w/ cushions
    • little groom
  • Other Inclusions:
    • dresses for couple's mothers
    • barong for couple's fathers
    • brides bouquet
    • single flower fOr bride's maids
    • bridal car
    • couple first business
    • cake
    • wine
    • tarpaulin
    • one night hotel accommodation
    • fully air-conditioned function hall, decorated according to motif

How to get to Jienos Garden Beach Resort from Tagum

  • Bus - from Tagum bus terminal, take a bus going to Mati and tell the conductor to drop you off Jienos Resort, before Pantukan Poblacion. P70/pax, aircon, one hour
  • Private Vehicle - take the highway south towards Mati. The "Jienos Garden Beach Resort" sign to your right is small, so be vigilant. It's about 2 kilometers before you reach Pantukan Poblacion

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