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Dragonfly Yoga Studio

urban bliss for yogis, meditators, free-thinkers, fire dancers, free runners, healers and artists

Dragonfly Yoga Studio
Contact:Jeanne Torrefranca
Location:127 Canyon Road, Beverly Hills, Lahug, Cebu City
Hours:by appointment only or when an event is scheduled
GPS Waypoint:N10.336241 E123.885545
Member Since: Nov 1, 2013


Dragonfly Yoga Studio is a community center for Cebu's yoga practitioners and like-minded individuals looking for a piece of bliss in an urban setting. It's a gathering place for Cebu's parkour crew, meditators, loneriders, free-thinkers, critical thinkers, intellectuals, fire dancers, martial artists, alternative healers and artists.

  • spacious studio (35 pax max)
  • swimming pool for aqua yoga
  • dressing room


  • Yoga Mat Strap - velcro strapping, shoulder sling, designed cloth, Php 375
  • Yoga Bags - tie-dyed, cacha, assorted prints, Php 350
  • Yoga Blocks - made of styrofoam, assorted colors, Php 350/each
  • Yoga Belt - 3m length, ideal for asana aid, Php 375
  • Headbands - assorted colors, Php 180
  • Namaste/Yoga posters - Php 750

How to get to Dragonfly Yoga Studio

  • taxi - tell the cabbie to take you to Beverly Hills Subdivision, Lahug (where Taoist Temple is located). At the subdivision guard house, tell the guard you're going to "house number 127". After passing through the guard house/entrance, turn left (first left) at Canyon Road and keep going straight until the road ends. At the end of the road, is a white house on the left. That is Dragonfly Yoga Studio.

  • by public transport - take any jeep with the signboard "Lahug" (#17 jeepney) and ask to be dropped off at Julie's Bakeshop, which is the intersection leading to the Taoist Temple (usually P8). From that corner, take a single motorcycle to the Beverly Hills guard house (5 mins, P10). Tell the guard you're going to "house number 127". From the guard house, you have to take an uphill walk - straight up and turn left on the first left, pass the Taoist Temple, walk all the way to the end of the road until you see a white house on the left. That is Dragonfly Yoga Studio.

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Dragonfly Yoga Studio

Comments and Ratings:

RV ChuaRV Chua star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Mar 10, 2014) Dragonfly Studio was the perfect place for me to have a one-on-one restorative yoga for my back problem. With the natural flowing air and trees around me, the place allowed me to make baby steps in getting back with my practice and letting go of some frustrations with my health. I am looking forward to more restorative yoga sessions and eventually join other yoga meetups.

Blanne Ann AcostaBlanne Ann Acosta star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Nov 5, 2013) The best place to practice in Cebu, and what makes it so is the people. It goes beyond the asana practice, it's a community of people who gather to share their love for yoga and life. Each time you leave its doors, you're happy you came and you hope to come back soon.

Robert VecchioniRobert Vecchioni star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Nov 4, 2013) Dragonfly Studio is such a fantastic place to practice (and to teach) yoga. A studio that is certainly not the typical 'business as usual' studio per se, because money is not the object here. It is really about sharing; a community of people who go to share their time, their effort, their smiles and laughter! I have never once been to Dragonfly when I didn't leave happy to have gone. :-)

Gigit SulitGigit Sulit star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Nov 1, 2013) I regard Dargonfly as the Switzerland of Cebu where people check-in their egos and biases before they enter. It's a neutral community center for the creative denizens of Cebu where individuals from diverse persuasions gather to exchange ideas, laughs and positive energy. There is no judgement, expression is encouraged, and empowerment is smiled upon. Critical thinkers, artists, yogis and yoginis from different studios meet-up in this urban oasis for bliss, community and support.