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About Us About Us

Who is Coconut Insider?

Coconut Insider is a dedicated team of specialists engaged in the following disciplines:

  • web design - site design and development using meticulous hand-coded W3C-compliant html (no WYZYWIG)
  • graphic editing - photography, Photoshop manipulation, image web-optimization
  • usability and online information architecture - intuitive navigation, comprehensive but clutter-free information feature
  • search engine optimization - for high ranking on the searh engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, etc.)
  • field travel - backpacking across the country providing travel input gleaned from the trenches
  • geographic information system - for GPS mapping and Google Mapping
  • technical writing - providing web-friendly content for the online community
  • marketing - email marketing, online marketing
What makes Coconut Insider different from other online directories?
  • meticulous hand-coded webpages making the codes lean for faster downloading of the webpages and SEO-friendly - very few websites use hand-coding these days because it consumes too much time and effort.
  • search-engine-optimized (SEO) webpage to make your establishment rank higher with the search engines - Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, etc. More users see your establishment and web traffic is redirected to your webpage consequently increasing sales.
  • a comprehensive webpage which includes a picture gallery (8 max), essential information (no clutter), customized Google mapping, filtered user comment (10 max), etc. It answers most questions clients are already thinking.
  • a clean, uncluttered, professional-looking webpage with enhanced usability. Even a grandmother can navigate through it.
  • filtered user comments - this ensures correct spelling, grammar, soundness, etc. (up to 10 comments). This feature provides transparency and readily converts web visitors into customers.
  • customized webpages because every company is different in how they want their business information diseminated. In car parlance, you're not getting a car that came off an assembly line. You're getting a hand-built car, designed for high-performance.
What else can Coconut Insider do for establishment owners?
  • develop a corporate website - with its own domain name and webhost
  • search-engine-optimize (SEO) an existing website - for increased ranking and visibility on the internet
  • troubleshoot existing websites
  • update site content - if your web designer can't be relied on or can't be found (this happens very often)
  • critique an existing website - for usablity, information soundness, navigation, overall web-worthiness
Are there numbers to prove effectivity of Coconut Insider?

According to Google Analytics, in the last 23 months since Coconut Insider went live, from Jan 1, 2011 to Nov 30, 2012, it has been seen 223,861 times by 53,198 visitors from 166 countries making it one of the fastest growing business directories in the country (by viewership). Moreover, the site is trusted by its online community - over 22% of its unique visitors come back, viewing an average of 3.2 webpages before they leave. View the chart.

How do I get in touch with the Coconut Insider team?


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