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Gerard Mabasa DDM, FICD
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Gerard Mabasa, DDM, FICD

Oral Surgery

Gerard Mabasa, Oral Surgeon, San Juan, Metro-Manila, Philippines
Oral Surgeon: Gerard Mabasa, DDM, FICD
Hours:by appointment only
Member Since:  Aug 1, 2011

Conditions that may require oral surgery
  • impacted teeth
  • tooth loss
  • facial trauma
  • jaw-related diseases
  • changes in the oral mucosa (soft tissue)
  • ill fittting dentures
  • Myofacial pain
  • exractions of medically compromised patients
  • oral infections
  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders
Professional Profile
Gerard Mabasa

Gerard Mabasa, Oral Surgeon

  • graduated Doctor Of Dental Medicine from the University of the Philippines in 1989
  • practice limited to Oral Surgery since 1997

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Gerard Mabasa Gingival cyst impacted third molar Mandibular cyst
Maxillary cyst Supernumerary Incisors impacted third molar  

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Gerard Mabasa

Client Comments:

J. YulangcoJ. Yulangco star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating
(July 1, 2013) Dr. Mabasa is a great doctor. He takes the time to explain everything to his patients, carefully discussing the whole process that he is about to do. He is at the top of his league. Skillful hands and intelligent mind.. and he really cares for his patients.. its not everyday that you meet a doctor like him. My son felt so at ease with him.

Gigit SulitGigit Sulit star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating
(July 30, 2011) One thing I like about Dr. Mabasa is his attention to detail. He's a craftsman...perfecting the treatment until it's exactly how he wants it. I also noticed he doesn't sell you more treatment than what you actually need. Even though he's one hour by plane from where I am, I don't let anyone touch my teeth but him.