Mario Scuba Diving and Homestay at Apo Island

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Diving Apo Island Diving

Mario Scuba Diving and Homestay

Experience Scuba Diving in one of the Best Dive Spots in the World - Apo Island

Mario Scuba Diving and Homestay, Apo Island, Negros Oriental, Philippines
Contact:Mario or Mila Pascobello
Location:Apo Island, Dauin, Negros Oriental, Philippines 6200
Member Since: April 15, 2011

Mario Scuba Diving and Homestay is unique in a few ways. Very few dive resorts are located in an exotic island known around the world for its pristine reef system. The entire island is a protected marine ecosystem. The man behind all this is Mario Pascobello, a well-respected former barangay captain of Apo Island. With his intimate local knowledge and years of diving experience, the visitor is treated to an unmatched diving experience only Mario Scuba Diving and Homestay can offer.

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Instructor Profile: Mario Pascobello

Mario Pascobello
  • scuba diving experience since 1991
  • PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI)
  • 11,000+ logged dives mostly in Apo Island
  • has certified over 400+ students

Scuba Diving Services

  • fun diving
  • PADI diving courses
  • introductory dive
  • PADI scuba diver
  • open water diver (OWD)
  • advanced OWD
  • rescue
  • emergency first response (EFR)
  • dive master
Scuba diving promotional package

Scuba Diving Rates
(government diving fee included)

  • 1-2 dives: Php 1300/dive
  • 3-4 dives: Php 1050/dive
  • 5-6 dives: Php 1000/dive
  • 7-9 dives: Php 950/dive
  • 10 dives and more: Php 900/dive
  • equipment rental: Php 250/dive or Php 500/day

Homestay Facilities

  • solar fan per room
  • rooms with private veranda
  • private toilet with shower

Homestay Rates

  • Php 1000/night - Big Room: fan, full washroom, veranda, 2 pax, double bed, Php 250 extra bed
  • Php 800/night - Medium Room: fan, full washroom, 2 pax, double bed, Php 250 extra bed
  • Php 700/night - Medium Room: fan, full washroom, 4 pax, double bed, Php 250 extra bed
  • Php 500/night - Small Room: fan, full washroom, veranda, 2 pax, double bed
  • Php 300/night - Dorm (bed)
big room
Big Room
medium room
Medium Room
small room
Small Room

Meal Rates

  • Catch of the Day - subject to availability
  • Php 180 - chicken or pork adobo
  • Php 180 - chicken, pork or vegetable curry
  • Php 180 - grilled chicken, pork or fish
  • Php 150 - stir-fried vegetables
  • Php 100 - breakfast (2 pcs pancake, 2 eggs)
  • Php 45 - Beer
  • Php 20 - Coke / Sprite
  • Php 30 - bottled water
  • Php 30 - juice in can
  • free - coffee to guests until 8am
  • free - coffee to divers after a dive
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approaching Apo Island directions to Marine Sanctuary divers veranda
spacious room washroom coral reef cuttlefish
fan coral fish school green turtle talakitok

Google Map Apo Island, Dauin, Philippines

diving spots in Apo Island dive spots
  • Coconut in Apo Island Coconut - drift dive, school of Trevali, big fish
  • Cogon in Apo Island Cogon - drift dive
  • Mamsa in Apo Island Mamsa
  • Boluarte in Apo Island Boluarte
  • Largahan in Apo Island Largahan
  • Chapel in Apo Island Chapel - wall dive
  • Katipanan in Apo Island Katipanan
  • Rock Point in Apo Island Rock Point
hotels in Apo Island homestay / dive shop in Apo Island dive shop

Bich TuyenBich Tuyen star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating
(June 18, 2015) When I came to Mario's Scuba Diving and Homestay, I was already certified as an Open Water Diver but still, I learned a lot of valuable things from the owner, Mario - a very knowledgeable and experienced dive instructor as well as from the dive master - Jed, who led our dives. They understand the current and remember the coral reef very well. Accordingly, our dives were well-organized and safe. I was surprised that the boatmen knew exactly when and where to pick us. Our room was spacious with a balcony and essential amenities. We didn't compare the lodge here with hotels in big city because Apo is a small island with its natural disadvantages but we could feel that the people in Mario's Home have tried hard to make our stay as comfortable as they can. In short, this is a must-visit for anyone who loves sea and diving. There is a marine sanctuary where turtles feel safe to come close to the shore and a school of dolphins enjoying their lives without any harm.

Liina MeinerLiina Meiner star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Feb 24, 2014) Our family loved the place! Had a wonderful New Year's Eve with all the staff! Very professional dive instructors. Rooms basic but we do not care about A/C or other commercial comforts but rather prefer local feeling and being part of the family. Will definitely go back if in the area.

Kevin Lam star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating
(August 8, 2012) Hello Mario and Mila! It was such an unforgettable experience to complete my AOW PADI with Mario. His great patience and excellent experience in experience make me feel very comfortable to drift dive in coconut point. Thank you Mac Mac for leading me to see the storm of jack fish in Cogon. I'm sure to return and stay with you again. The sail from Apo island back to the mainland is a real delight, thank you Mario.

Arnold ClausArnold Claus star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating
(July 2, 2012)Maayong buntag Mario and Mila, how are you doing? 11 days ago the flight back to Amsterdam with 'Emirates' was perfect. Now I am used again to our rhythm here in Europe. The fantastic time I had in the Philippines, especially the time we spent together above and under water, I never will forget! All my friends I will tell about and recommend your wonderful place and dive locations. Mario, take care about you and your family! We keep in touch, okay! See you next year again. Regards...

Laiza LimpinLaiza Limpin star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating
(May 7, 2012) The Best in Apo Island! Mario's Homestay should be your first choice when in the Island. The food is good, rooms are clean and budget-friendly, his family is really nice and hospitable, and of course, Mario could be the best Master Diver there is! ^_^ I stayed for a night and I'm hoping to go back for more diving in Apo. :)

Hans and Kella star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Feb 22, 2012) This is the best place you could stay, on the best island for scuba diving in the Philippines. The hospitality was extraordinary, from Carla's excellent cooking, to Mack Mack's professional and caring guidance, to Mario's personal and intelligent conversation about the island and its unique history.

Niamh O'Mearqa star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Feb 5, 2012) My boyfriend and I spent two weeks of xmas learning to scuba dive with Mario and we have not stopped talking about it since. Everything was awesome. Mario's teaching was superb and he was very patient and attentive. The atmosphere, friendliness and banter at Mario's Homestay was brilliant not to mention our beautiful room. And the rates for everything were very agreeable. We really felt exceptionally lucky to have found this homestay and diving school and we can't wait to come back. Leaving our new friends on Apo was really hard!!!

Blessie Cavas star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Dec 14, 2011) I would have to agree with all the other comments here. Sir Mario and his family are simply the best! They're a must if you'd want to truly enjoy Apo island. I would definitely be coming back. :)

Paulo Da Silva star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Dec 4, 2011) The best week of my life! Thank you Mario, from the heart. Continue the good work. See you soon again.

Jenny Vrontakis star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating
(July 11, 2011) I have been to Apo Island many times - to dive and to be with the people of Apo. This time I stayed at Mario and Mila's place and would recommend it to everyone I know. I enjoyed every moment of the homestay and was made to feel like a family member. I will have to go on a serious diet after Teresa's great cooking - for every meal! My main reason for being on Apo was the diving - and I wasn't disappointed - with excellent diving conditions - excellent dive guide and boatman and some very special dive experiences! I had some fun, new adventures - right down to the transfer to Dumaguete. Thanks Mario and Mila. I'll be back in Decemnber!

Andreas AntenenAndreas Antenen star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating
(May 30, 2011) It was a memorable experience to dive and stay at Mario's Scuba Dive and Homestay. In my room I felt like in my own home, and ate excellent food from the chef. It won't be my last time there for sure! Just a small paradise on earth with unforgettable lovely people.

Gigit SulitGigit Sulit star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating
(May 20, 2011) I have just completed my Open Water Diver (OWD) training with Mario Pascobello in Apo Island. His diving/teaching experience increased confidence during my baby steps underwater. With his intimate knowledge of Apo Island's reef system, he took me to dive sites where rare types of fish can be found. He has an keen eye for spotting rare marine life that are seamlessly camouflaged with the reef system. Lastly, I cannot say enough about getting my OWD certificate in one of the best dive spots on the planet - Apo Island! (read Blog).