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Adeladiva Cafe

Bohemian Rhapsody in a Cafe Setting

Adeladiva Cafe
Diva Hostess:Angelo Villanueva
Location:228 North Road, 6200 Dumaguete City, Philippines
Hours:Mon - Sat: 3:00 pm - 2:30 am
Member Since:Mar 9, 2012
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Adeladiva Cafe is a hipster joint serving cold beer, treats, good vibe and chill music to Dumaguete's fab peeps - the animated, the flamboyant, the intellectual, the artistic, the shakers, the movers and the wanderers. Talk, drink, dance and have some wicked fun! It's an alternative scene that takes you within the city's outskirts but well worth chilling into.

  • along the National Highway near St. Paul across Suzuki
  • street parking
  • free wifi
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Adeladiva Cafe


Steven LovinaSteven Lovina star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Mar 19, 2012) Adeladiva Cafe is a comfortable place to unwind with the most ravishing, radiant and elegant host, Angelo Villanueva, to keep you company. The food is great and the drinks, outstanding. This place indeed defines the true meaning of "Dumaguete, the land of gentle people".

Macel MalacamanMacel Malacaman
(Mar 9, 2012) Definitely on my list of "Must experience on my next Dumaguete trip"! I can't wait to finally see the place and have my ice-cold Red Horse beer with Angelo, Dumaguete's hostess with the mostest! For those wondering why the place is called Adeladiva, half of the name is taken from the owner's grandmother, Adela. And the other half...needs no explanation:)

Jeanette Jane S. RomeroJane S. Romero star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Mar 8, 2012) The place to be...!!! Check it out...NOW !!! :))

Andrew WymannAndrew Wymann star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Mar 6, 2012) Cool ambiance, comfort bar food, well-priced drinks and all in all a fun place to hang

Mitch ArnaizMitch Arnaiz star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Mar 6, 2012) An absolutely relaxing place to hang out in. Drinks and food are cheap, ambiance is fab but most of all...the host/owner is just super-fun to hang-out with. You're sure to get great service since the owner himself will have a drink or two with you. A place you will always go back to...

Iska LoIska Lo
(Feb 29, 2012) How I wish I was able to visit this place when we were there the last time. I love the Japanese umbrellas! :) Oh well, another reason for me to visit Dumaguete again! See you soon Adeladiva and Divalicious Angelo!

Gigit SulitGigit Sulit star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Feb 27, 2012) Adeladiva Cafe is a refreshing bohemian cafe-alternative with animated Angelo Villanueva as the rabble-rousing diva. There's always good company and good laughs to go around.