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BU tapas, bebidas y bodega

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BU tapas, bebidas y bodega, restaurant Davao

BU tapas, bebidas y bodega is the latest authentic Spanish food indulgence sweeping Davao's culinary scene. With husband and wife, Ric and Anna personally looking after food quality, customer satisfaction and resto details, the guest is immersed in a gastronomic experience and value-for-money rarely found nowadays.


BU tapas, bebidas y bodega, restaurant Davao

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BU tapas, bebidas y bodega, restaurant Davao

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from despedidas or farewells, to reunions and birthdays, BU is happy to share your evening! celebrate with friends! pizza is done to perfection genuine Spanish sausages for our Blackboard Special cheese of all kinds from mild to pungent Mango Mojito... Awesome taste. Delicioso! Available Tuesdays to Sundays


BU tapas, bebidas y bodega

Comments and Ratings:

Ronald GamboaRonald Gamboa star rating star rating star rating star rating
(July 28, 2014) Their beef salpicao tastes superb! Definitely a must-try! The owners were very nice and accommodating too and that makes this place extra special. If not for the lack of backrest on their chairs, I would have given it a 5 star. Worth coming back to!

Luz RiveroLuz Rivero
(July 28, 2014) ...ang saya saya namin. It's been a long time since we ate at a real Spanish restaurant...ang sarap ng food. We are planning to go back there and taste their other spanish dishes, particularly their Paella. We have been eating different pizzas in different restos pero nasarapan talaga ako sa pizza nila, naiiba e. I like the place too, it is small, quite a few table nga lang pero there is a warm feeling there.

Consolation ZaldivarConsolation Zaldivar star rating star rating star rating star rating
(July 28, 2014) At first I thought I would be eating "Beef Tapa", the usual we get from eateries that sprout in the city; I was wrong, the food served us was far from "the usual". I literally devoured the Veggie Pizza ( and the Seafood Pizza too), the taste is so different from the other "more popular " Pizzas, and the fillings ... aah ! it is so SARAP talaga. It is worth coming back to. I would leave 1 point for their "Paella" that I would like to taste when I come back to dine. Their chorizo with pickles and the olives that goes with the red wine... ha ha...have to admit, am not used to drinking wine (and Bu Tapas surely have lots of wines to choose from) ... but that night, well ... perhaps it loosens our tongue, or perhaps it is because of their cozy/ homey atmosphere, we all laughed with our silly talk. How's that for unwinding?

Arlene ReyesArlene Reyes star rating star rating star rating star rating
(July 27, 2014) I was only able to taste their pizza and I could really say that it was none like the usual pizzas I ever had. They were lavished with the right amount of fresh ingredients and very satisfying not just to my taste buds but also to my tummy. Its definetly a pizza you shouldn't miss. Thank youuuu Anna and Rick for coming here in Davao to showcase us your remarkable pizzas!!! yum yum yum!!

Gigit SulitGigit Sulit star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating
(July 23, 2014) The food I had so far was pizza, salpicao, chorizo, olives and their wine. It has been a long time since I had been blown away by good food - make that GREAT food. The dining experience I had was truly memorable. I started inviting friends and family to this fabulous place. All of them - no exception, agreed with me that this place is indeed a rare find in Davao. I expected to pay a lot more than the amount I saw on the bill. The hands-on owners, husband and wife - Ric and Anna, prepare food with the best authentic ingredients and ensure that they price it reasonably enough to make the people come back. I highly recommend BU tapas, bebidas y bodega!

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