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Compostela Valley

Compostela Valley Itinerary 'ComVal Coast' Travel Info

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Compostela Valley Itinerary Compostela Valley Travel Information (and nearby area)

travel tip to Compostela Valley Not to be Missed in Compostela: (if you only have a few days in Compostela Valley)
  1. Bankerohan - this Compostela's public market. Lose yourself in its many passages. Buy fruits which are abundant and cheap. Drink the native chocolate drink, tablea (P25). If you're looking for something weird tasting but popular, try the kinutil (P50)
  2. Magsaysay Park - for Compostela's best durian. Durian can be bought in practically every corner of the city. But you can get the best at Magsaysay Park. The price will be higher than everywhere else but the weighing scales are certified accurate (push cart durian vendors with questionable weighing scales will price it at P30/kilo but Magsaysay rates maybe at P50/kilo)
  3. River Rafting - see Compostela Wild Water below. Read Blog
  4. Crocodile Park - this is more of a mini zoo where you see a lot of crocodiles, some tigers, snakes, eagles, etc. Read Blog
  5. Samal Island - Samal has many beach resorts. Dive tours are often done there and its nearby island, Talikud Island. One such resort is Jienos Garden Beach Resort. Read Blog
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