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Veer and Claire are no longer in the Philippines!

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Veer & Claire Rana Private Yoga

Life is Balance

Veer & Claire Rana Private Yoga
"Yoga is to bring oneself to the most harmonious, functional, productive blend of the physical, mental & spiritual state of one's being. Yoga is, to balance one's existence through determining one's own true nature through tapas & sadhna, rather than to continuously play along with the continuous wants & desires of a sensual mind. 'Yogachchittavrittinirodhaha' The Samato-physical technology of yoga is to curb all the fluctuations of the turbulent mind."

-- Veer & Claire Rana
Teaching Venues: Ashram International Initiative
CitiGym at Waterfront Hotel
Mobile: 0933.315.9266 (Sun Cellular)
Member Since: Jan 1, 2014

Yoga Background:

  • mastery in classical Hatha-asanas & Hatha Vidya
  • Indian Yogic upbringing, vegetarian since birth
  • formal training in Sanskrit
  • knowledge on Sutras, Gita, Papdika & other related yoga texts
  • Yoga Alliance certified TT Certification from 'Yogayantra School of Yoga' under Miss Dominique Renucci 'The Grandmother of Yoga' for "Vinyasa, Asanas, Kriya Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha & Meditation'
  • countless other workshops with many senior yoga teachers
Veer & Claire Rana Private Yoga

Private Workshop

  1. 1-Day: Bandha+Strength workshop Php 500
  2. 1-Day: Bandha+Strength workshop Php 500
  3. 2-Day: Bandha+Breath+Strength workshop Php 1000
  4. 3-Day Level Up: Bandha+Breath+Strength+Vinyasa workshop Php 1500
  • Bandha: We'd discuss the proper & safe use of Intra abdominal pressure with application of expansive+contractive use of 'ha' & 'tha' bandhas to secure or release the spine. Classification & identification of Deep core muscles+superficial core muscles.
  • Breath: Discussion on diaphragmatic breathing & using locks for breath expansion & retention. Compartmental breathing exercises. Mock inhale+exhale techniques for press ups and arm balance transitions & various breathing exercises for many common ailments such as insomnia, stress, anxiety, headache, blood pressure, depression, energy etc.
  • Strength: Application of bandha+ breath to secure the spine & bring lightness into the body for the lifts & use of superficial core strength to stabilize the mid section for arm balances & inversions & deep-core muscles to float from one transition to the next.
  • Vinyasa: We'd work on incorporating all the above learnt techniques into our sturdy steadily flowing postures and how to make them firm while keeping completely under control, with the application of 'Push+Pull' methodology while learning 'Time Under Tension' approach of timing the kramas calculated through the specific requirements of any individual based on lifestyle & activities. Making the vinyasas superbly goal oriented & effective.
I would need at least 5 participants for such workshops. Pls do let me know so that I can arrange the dates and venue with CitiGym accordingly. We can do it this Thursday or next week. You can also make your own group if ever with your friends as well. This would be open for all level of practitioners (not first timers)? -- Veer

Yoga Sessions Offered

  • workshops
    • Yoga Basics
    • Asana Analysis
    • Lock your Breath 'A Bandha & Breathing workshop'
    • Yoga 180' 'The techniques for Inversions'
    • Float 'Arm balance+Handstand workshop'
    • Blossom your Lotus 'a Padmasana workshop'
    • Stretch 'yoga for athletes, the techniques for a better stretch'
    • Yoga for Strength etc.
  • pranayama
    • Various exercises for building a good lung capacity, breath conditioning, cardiac conditioning
    • Advanced 'Kumbhaka/Retention' exercises for advanced practitioners
    • Mudra Pranayama for energy
    • Sthira/Steady postured Pranayama for meditation & for various chronic conditions such as blood pressure, anxiety problems, diabetes/insulin related issues
  • yoga therapy
    • Rehabilitation programs for injuries
    • Transformation programs for total recovery & immersion into fitness lifestyle
    • Yoga Conditioing for various chronic ailments solved through asanas such as skin problems, stomach ailments, blood pressure, mood swing related issues, insomnia etc.


Fees would depend on type of yoga and number of persons in the session

Why Private Session?

  • too busy to fit into the studio schedule
  • quality one-on-one time with a teacher to deepen the practice
  • more comfort level doing it at home
  • unsure if ready to join a group class
  • a private session is also a good way to get started
  • for focused needs - weight loss, stress reduction, runners' trainng, etc.

2014 Schedule: (open slots are available for private workshops and classes)

9:15am (CitiGym)
General Vinyasa

6:15pm (CitiGym)
Yoga for Strength
5:30pm (CitiGym)
Power Yoga

6:15pm (CitiGym)
Functional/Artistic Vinyasa (alternating weekly)
6:15pm (CitiGym)
Yoga for Balance (Fly Day)
6:00pm (CitiGym)
Yoga Stretch
8:00-10:00am (Ashram)
"I am free every morning & during the day for privates & Thursday-Sunday events as well. The pranayama is only for reserved students as it's a very overwhelming practice for beginners. For beginners they would need an exclusive workshop for this. Sunday mornings are for those students who have basic knowledge of some pranayama exercises & visit to practice a session of 'Mudra+Kriya Pranayama' with me!" -- Veer Rana

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Veer & Claire Rana Private Yoga

Comments and Ratings:

Willerie RazoteWillerie Razote star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Feb 13, 2014) You had me at the first inversion! Just when you think the asanas are beyond you, Veer and Claire teach them so that they are safely reachable on your first try. I am challenged each time. But what stands out about Veer's teaching style is that is not all about the physical aesthetics of the asanas, but rather incorporating the whole of yoga, the pranayama, meditation, the story behind each asana, into your personal practice. I appreciate the emphasis on weaving the physical, with mind, spirit and breath, to make a colorful strong fabric that becomes your mat in which you can take refuge in not just in yoga class, but in life.

April Ann Claire WhiteApril Ann Claire White star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Jan 4, 2014) I swear by my life that Veer and Claire are two of the coolest teachers ever! The way they teach is not like any other I've tried. They know exactly what to teach you based on your individual needs. The moment I joined their class, I was definitely hooked! My progress was amazing! I highly recommend joining their class especially if you're the type who loves challenges :)

Yves Lorraine FernandezYves Lorraine Fernandez star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Dec 30, 2013) Yoga to the AWESOMENESS level! Veer and Claire's Yoga instructions are very precise and allows you to reach a deeper level of understanding of each postures. Classes are always fresh, inspiring and full of tips and techniques!

Lyka FernandezLyka Fernandez star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Dec 30, 2013) In Veer's class, we are not only taught of the "asanas" but he clearly explains how and which certain muscles are activated. He also stresses out that the advancement in one's practice is not on how many a person can do the "asanas" but on the awareness of the practice and how one incorporates it to their daily lives. VEER and CLAIRE's fun and unparalleled approach helps students learn to enjoy all aspects of the practice. And they also take great yoga photos, which is a plus!

BernsBerns star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Dec 30, 2013) I love practicing with Veer and Claire. They have the ability to recognize an individual's potential and know when to push (but also when to take it easy on someone). I feel very safe when practicing more challenging moves like inversions. I always know I'm in good hands. Two thumbs up for these two amazing teachers!

Gigit SulitGigit Sulit star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Dec 22, 2013) Veer is a walking encyclopedia about yoga - his knowledge is extensive. He schooled himself in many aspects of asana, pranayama, bandha, mudra, philosophy, history, etc. His teaching style pushes you beyond 'maintenance mode' to be your best - you feel your progress with every session. Claire adds 'yin' to Veer's 'yang' - a perfect complement.

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