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Dosha Yoga (Private Sessions with Nandinii)

Nandinii is a yoga instructor in Cebu teaching Dosha Yoga to private and corporate clients

Dosha Yoga (Private Sessions with Nandinii)
Yoga Instructor:Nandinii
Location Range:Cebu City, Mandaue City and Lapu-lapu
Member Since: June 16, 2013

Dosha Yoga (therapeutic yoga)
The asanas under Dosha Yoga are based on the type of constitution the student has. It will not only maintain physical health but will also rectify various defects in the endocrine glands thereby removing the disturbing emotions and mental imbalances which may hamper concentration. It is an approach in harmonizing movement and breathing.

About Nandinii:

  • Registered Nurse by profession
  • further studied Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy under the guidance of Rev. Dr. Jacob Gnalian of Sandhi Ayurveda Clinic and Research Centre
  • practiced as a corporate Nurse Nutritionist and Researcher
  • practiced as an Integrative Nurse and Nurse Researcher in a clinical set-up
  • started teaching asanas in 2007 until present
  • aspires on the strict disciplines of Astaunga Yoga (yama, niyama, etc.) and the Tantrik Yoga lifestyle

Advantages of Dosha Yoga:

  • selection of yoga poses are based on the student's constitution
  • maintains physical health
  • rectifies various defects in the endocrine glands
  • removes disturbing emotions
  • promotes mental balance
  • helps a person make appropriate dietary and lifestyle choices to prevent disease and illness

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Location Range: anywhere within Cebu City, Mandaue City and Lapu-lapu

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  • Rates depend on size of class, location of class and unique needs of the class. Email below to discuss details of your needs.
Dosha Yoga (Private Sessions with Nandinii)


Ava Ruby B. ParagesAva Ruby B. Parages star rating star rating star rating
(Jun 24, 2013) I have always been interested to try yoga. The only problem was only the yoga classes I can find in the web is at the city and nothing near Lapu-Lapu City. So when some of our dynamic officemates made arrangements for private yoga sessions with Nandinii, I grabbed the opportunity to finally learn and start practicing yoga. Having the instructor go to our workplace is a very big convenience for us working mothers. Thank you Nandinii and more power! :)

Mere BuytragoMere Buytrago star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Jun 21, 2013) Yoga is a good practice...keeps you healthy & improves your well-being. Thanks alot Nandinii.