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Ashram International Initiative

The true religion is Peace

Ashram International Initiative, Cebu, Philippines
Contact:Vaibhav Rana / Claire De Leon Pelias
Location:#8 Freedom Road (house #4), Katrina Village, Cebu City, Philippines 6000
GPS Waypoint:N10 19.566 E123 53.524
Mobile: 0933.315.9266 (Sun Cellular)
Member Since: Oct 27, 2012


Ashram International Initiative is a non-profit 'Shala'(dojo) for people interested in developing their yoga practice to the next level. This is a community where like minded people get together to learn from each other in an atmosphere of support, encouragement and respect. It maintains an open-door policy in developing and nurturing a yogic community in Cebu.


  • all free mornings, Thursdays including Sundays are open for group yoga therapy and pranayama classes or private workshops
Veer & Claire Rana Private Yoga

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Ashram International Initiative


Gigit SulitGigit Sulit star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Oct 14, 2012) I had been at the ashram twice only but already, lessons learned have shifted my thinking into developing my yoga by incorporating the locks (bandhas - Mula Bandha / Uddiyana Bandha) together with the Ujjayi breath. The result is powerful and the progression is accelerated. Founder, Vaibhav Rana, underscored this statement, "If you're not doing bandhas and breathing with your yoga, then you're only doing gymnastics".